Over the last couple of years, Protrans Marine Services has come out with an impressive range of products to cater to the needs of the marine petroleum industry. No matter what the kind of product is, or what purpose it is to be used for, all our products are reliable and authentic. Listed and explained further are the main categories and types of products we offer.

Protective Gear –

The marine petroleum industry is a challenging area to work in, especially for the workmen who are involved in the field work and the scientists who are engaged in the laboratory research and development. A number of injuries could occur, and therefore, it is necessary to have the appropriate protection gear ready and available. After all, human resource is one of the most valuable inputs in any business. Some of the protective gears we offer include –

  • Ear Protection devices.
  • Fall arrestors for people engaged in field work.
  • Safety eyewear, safety footwear, gloves and helmets.

Consumables and equipments –

A number of equipments are necessary for carrying out activities likes sampling, testing, and surveying. Apart from these primary equipments, a series of several secondary devices and consumables are also necessary to carry out the operations of the marine petroleum industry on a daily basis. These items are also a part of our product range. Some of them are –

  • Gauging Measurement Tapes.
  • Glass Bottles, metal cabinets, metal tins, and plastic bottles.
  • Labels and security seals.
  • Respirators and gas meters.
  • Sampling equipments, surveying equipments, and testing devices.
  • Thermo probes.
  • Uniforms including vests, aprons, and life jackets (embroidered with the client company’s logo and badge)

There can never be an exhaustive list of products and services needed by a client. With evolving business tactics, the requirements keep changing as well. At Protrans Marine, we strive to keep pace with, and even stay ahead of these needs, by focusing on continuous improvement and innovation in our product range.