Protrans Marine Services Private Limited is a young and dynamic venture that started off to humble beginnings in 2013. The primary objective of our business is to extend support to companies that are engaged in the business of the marine industry in Singapore. The nature of our assistance includes providing the marine petroleum industry with the necessary consumables and equipments, and catering to their peripheral demands.

Our product lines have been designed and populated in such a manner that every probable requirement of an average marine petroleum company is met and matched. The product range includes equipments for surveying, testing, and sampling, consumables used as inputs, and other peripheral items such as sampling tins, glass bottles, plastics, etc. Protrans Marine Services does not stop there. We have a chain of value added services that cater to other needs of the marine petroleum industry, such as safety footwear and marine uniforms for crew and staff members. These uniforms come with custom embroider featuring the company’s logo badges.

Even though it has been just around two years since we first began our operation, Protrans Marine Services has learned to climb the ladder of success quickly. In so short a period, we have managed to accumulate a number of loyal clients and customers whose needs are met and matched by us with precision and perfection. We owe it to our dedicated team, consisting of experienced professionals and ardent innovators who are committed to providing quality services, and who believe in our values as strongly as we do.